Our Flagship Innovation IRISA™ TB

Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB) accounts for 15-20% of all globally reported TB cases.

IRISA™-TB addresses this problem
IRISA™-TB addresses this problem
1.3 million people worldwide die from TB annually. We can treat TB early and save lives!

It is difficult to diagnosis due to low concentrations of bacteria in samples.

Current EPTB diagnostic tests offer sub-optimal sensitivity or specificity. This can lead to mis-or missed diagnosis, which in turn affects patient-associated morbidity and mortality.

IRISA™-TB addresses this problem

The performance of IRISA™-TB has been clinically validated in studies conducted across multiple countries. For example, it is the most accurate diagnostic test for pleural TB, a common form of EPTB.

The value of IRISA™-TB

Simple same day diagnosis of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. One test that fits all.


Get a result in under 2 hours


Requires standard laboratory infrastructure and minimal training


Packaging options for single or multiple sample application.

Rule-In and Rule-Out test

Sensitive and specific results for all EPTB sub-types (TB serositis and TB meningitis)


Minimal sample requirements and independent of EPTB sub-type


Accuracy lends itself to a reduction in repeat testing and faster treatment initiation


is designed to rapidly and accurately detect extra-pulmonary TB in several body compartments, including pleural, pericardial, ascitic and cerebrospinal fluid using a clinically validated assay.

It differs from tests using expectorated sputum such as smear microscopy, culture, and nucleic acid amplification tests which all perform poorly in TB of the pleural space, TB abdomen or TB ascites, TB meningitis.


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Novel biomarkers

for the detection of TB have been discovered and are being deployed into new diagnostic tools.

Ultra-sensitive detection platforms

are being developed for the rapid diagnosis of TB. These point-of-care devices employ a simple, inexpensive yet accurate and sensitive platform for patient diagnosis including EPTB.

Commercialising transmission-mapping

technology for infectious diseases spread by the aerosol route, for example, TB and Influenza.

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